Below are some comments from people who have attended some of our previous days.
If you have any comments to make and would like them including here (with photo if you want) please e-mail or write to us.

Hi Tony, Just a short note to express my gratitude for a great experience with with Tracksense. Superb organisation, friendly and helpful staff.

Kind regards

Steve Rutherford, 2018

Hi Tony,

Just want to say  what a great time I had in Valencia. It was well run, slick, help on hand when needed both technical and advice. And I needed plenty of it being a total novice.  Great team you put together, will defo be booking for another 1 same time next year.  Keep up the great experience.

Cheers, Ian.

Hi Tony,

I just want to write and say thanks for a fantastic experience. I have never been to a euro track day and selected TrackSense due to feedback from others (ie Kenny Patterson)

I am pleased to say I too thought the event was exceptionally well run. I was thoroughly surprised at the minimal amount of red flags and downtime. (Although unfortunately I was on one occasion one of the few incidents)

From the early communications, the bike transportation and just the general smooth flow of the whole event was really impressive. The space on track was immense. I am now looking at your schedule for 2015 as I can't wait to get away again.

Riding bikes in the sun is just fantastic, and to top it off the possibility of further coaching with Simon Crafar is a massive selling point. I spent Monday with him and the guy is just so easy to understand and lap times tumbled each session.

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed my time so massive thanks to yourself and all the team that make it possible, hopefully I'll see you again soon.

Cheers Paul Jerez, Nov 2014


Just a note to say thanks for the great event, as usual well organised and good fun.

Also please let Ian and Alan know I really enjoyed working with them and thanks for their invaluable help (I watched my video again last night).

Thanks again Tony ---- see you next year.

Best regards Lawson Jerez, Nov 2014


Tony Hi.

Thanks for a great event at Cartagena. I’ve done several European trackdays with various organisers and yours was the slickest in terms of organisation I’ve experienced.

Regards Fergus

Hi Tony.

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the amazing trackdays at Catalunya. Also, thank you so much for the generosity in lending me your gear while mine was misplaced by the airline.

I must say, Track Sense runs a terrific day and I had just about the best time ever on track. Your schedule was bang-on throughout the day, the track sense team was always there to answer questions and offer assistance, the bikes you provided were superb, and nothing beats getting to ride with Ian and learn from such an amazing and successful racer. Also the fact that you provide garage space is a huge benefit to keep out of the sun and have a clean place for tending to motorcycles. In addition, the off-track interaction and comradery were fantastic and I’ve made many new friends as a result. I am highly recommending Track Sense to all my friends here and in the USA every opportunity I can.

I plan to do more of your track days and now it’s just a matter of saving up and requesting time away from work. Thanks again for everything Tony, and will be in touch.

Cheers! Attila Kovacs


When a three day track day event goes off without the slightest hitch from the moment the bikes are picked up till the moment they return (with three days on track in between without a single hitch - other than people crashing) you know the people organising it are very, very good at their job!! Every T crossed, every I dotted.

Well done again everyone at Track Sense for Jerez 2013!

Ronnie McInness

Excellent event, usual high standard of organisation & friendly helpful service by all the team. Transponders give an excellent goal for personal improvement and keep the groups safer. I had a great time and look forward to new tracks next year with you.

Great new professional look for Track Sense as well : )

Nick Jenkins

Hi Tony

Just wanted to say a big thank you for a great trip – my first to Jerez.

I have done a lot of track days over the last 12 years... this trip was one of the best...superbly well organised and an awesome circuit.

Thanks again


Jim Barron


Just wanted to give you some positive feedback for the recent trip which I enjoyed a lot given it was my come back after a long break following an accident. In particular Alan was very attentive to everyone's needs often anticipating what I needed (e.g. a session with Antonio) before I thought to ask. Andy was his usual super efficient self - I really marvel at the pace he gets jobs done and was very grateful for him fixing my bike at Valencia as my best riding came after that and I realise now I had a slight misfire right through Aragon. And Antonio was a very good instructor - very patient and calm, setting just the right pace to help me learn the lines. At Valencia I dropped five seconds in the session straight after he showed me round without really trying much harder.

So all in all a very good time. Thx.


Hi Tony.

Monteblanco was the business. Please convey my thanks to
Alan, Andy, Rob, Louis the girls and of course Ian for his tuition.
Collectively you all make the whole event most enjoyable. Please let
me know as and when you are returning there and you have a booking.

See you Saturday at Lightwater.



Hi Guys,

I just thought I would drop you an e.mail having returned from Jerez yesterday. Your event was absolutely FIRST CLASS, well organised, well disciplined and both friendly and informative. With this being my first event I was nervous about a “disorganised rabble”, and your event certainly ensured that was not the case.

I can honestly say that I would have NO HESITATION in recommending Track Sense, and look forward to coming back to Jerez in both May and September (please forward dates).

Well done again Tony and thank all your staff for the best weekend I’ve had in many years.

Kind Regards

Stuart Mason

Hi Tony

Just back from another 3 fabulous days with Track Sense team at Almeria. I've been to Spain with you guys a few times now as you know, and I've been on plenty of trips with other track day organisers as well. So, for what it's worth, I thought I'd drop you line to let you know my take on the whole track-day-in-Spain experience.

Anyone with a bike and any sense knows that if you want to see what your bike can really do there’s only one environment where you can explore the real speed & handling of your bike safely - and that's on track. Okay, there are many tracks in the UK and cheaper ways of doing this, but if you want to enjoy ultimate fun with the added bonus of virtually guaranteed sunshine, you can't do better than booking a 3-day event in southern Spain - let’s be honest, how much can you really learn by riding round an over-crowded track for a day in the "sunny" UK?

So given that going to Spain is a must, the question is who should you book with?

I've made some costly mistakes by booking similar trips with other sub-standard organisers in the past, and that's part of my reason for writing - if my experience helps others to make the right choice, so much the better!

It's fair to say that most organisers advertise the same sort of thing as you guys, but in my experience, there is a big difference in the way the service is delivered (or not in some cases!). With Track Sense, everything is made easy, and being able to choose your options from the Track Sense menu is a great idea - it's flexible, suits everyone, and allows you to add all the components to make your trip memorable. From transport to hotels, from bike hire to track tuition, there’s nothing you haven't thought of. And from experience, I can tell you that Almeria & Jerez are two of the best tracks this planet has to offer!

It's obvious that safety is paramount at your events, and it’s refreshing to see an organiser who manages to place this at the top of their agenda (even above profit!) without spoiling anyone's fun - thus creating a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for all. Alan, Andy & the rest of the Track Sense team are always on hand to help, so whether it’s advice, tuition, mechanical help, or just clarity about the event you need, even as a novice, I’ve never felt lost. The track sesssions always seem to run like clockwork as well - always on time, and little or no delays. Add it all together, and you’ve got the ideal recipe for a fun overload. But the fun doesn’t stop at the track. The hotels are well chosen, the company is entertaining and the beer is even better! If I sound like a salesman, I apologise, but having used other sub-standard providers, it’s only fair to help enhance your good reputation - so others don’t make the same costly mistakes as I have done previuosly, and to give credit where credit is due. This really is one of those occasions where you do, truly, get what you've paid for.

I will certainly look forward to booking Track Sense again - keep up the good work!

Best wishes

Robert Else


Hi guys, just a quick note to say thanks for an excellent time in Almeria with you 17 - 19 Sep.
Top track, top organisation, friendly helpful staff & a nice atmosphere.
The brand new R6 hire bike was awesome and the way that the Instructor placed the cones on all the apexes etc was really good.
It totally speeded-up my track knowledge and allowed me to get 'serious' far quicker than I normally would on a track that I have never been on before.
I had so much track time that I couldn't use it all and I think that we had only one minor stoppage during the whole three days.
Ryan took some ace photo's too.

What can I say; a really, really great time! Thanks!

Best regards

Paul R.

PS. Here is a pic of a slow fat bloke trying to look fast!

Dear Track Sense,

I had my first tack day experience last weekend. Although I have been
riding for about four years I haven't clocked up many miles and have only
recently started riding a sports style bike. I just got the new R6 YZF am
just getting used to it. It's a great bike and I hoped this weekend to gain
confidence with speed on bends.

I was so scared before going out. However as soon as I rode up the pit lane
onto the track I felt both thrilled and relaxed. Jerez is such a beautiful
setting and a great beginners track. I have to say I really enjoyed it. I
found that everyone was so thoughtful when riding around me...even the
fantastic little rider on the 125! I do hope to do some more track days in
future and hopefully get my speed up so I can keep up with him next time.
Thank you for such a caring well organized event.

I was so disappointed that the event was fully booked on the Sunday as I
would have loved an extra day. It almost made me cry to see everyone out
there. I didn't realize that we hadn't pre booked the Sunday. Can you put
me on you email listing so I can get info on future track events.

Kindest regards


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